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First, let me say that all I have written in the course of my life is normally in Dutch language.  It happens to be, however, that the following texts are to a large extend in French, whereas a few ones only are in English.  Therefore I at least wanted to write this introduction in what in our days is the main international language.

But what is this website about?

It is about 1) spirituality, 2) war resistance, 3) world federalism, 4) violations of fundamental rights by radiation weapons and or by chemical and biological weapons, 5) the Belgian question, 6) the Islamic question, 7) «Flashes Afterwards » (not in normal prose), 8) a profile of myself ("Who is this?"), 9) my old long playings, 10) pictures showing the undersigned, 11) A few persons whose life and work deeply spoke to me” (with comments in Dutch and English).


1) Spirituality
What you find here, is the French version of a ”meditation booklet” I composed in 1977, in Dutch and French.  In 2011 I typed the texts on the computer in the way I had rearranged them in 1995. For  several reasons which I partly explain in the introduction, I preferred to rearrange the French issue first, and after that I found no time to tackle the other one as well.

The ”booklet” contains quotations of mystics from all big civilisations and of all times.  In the introduction I try to shortly formulate my own approach to what you could call the mystical ineffable.

2) War Resistance
At the age of eighteen already my possibilities had become utterly limited due to life ruining health trouble.  Nonetheless, since the beginning of 1962, I have been active as a war resister and a world federalist.  Unfortunately it came to an evil breaking point in 1978 on the level of the Belgian Dutch speaking section of the War Resisters’ International, i.e. the INTERNATIONALE VAN OORLOGSTEGENSTANDERS (IOT), as well as on the level of BURGERDIENST VOOR DE JEUGD (BDJ) = Civil Service for Youth, a committee working around the law for conscientious objectors, practically an emanation of the IOT.  What I have done in the framework of these associations and how they were usurped by newcomers in the seventies : this I explain in a few following texts.  I also add a dissertation about the influences of the Eastern Bloc on Western peace movements.  (Lots and lots of other texts of mine as a war resister or a world federalist are typewritten or printed, but I cannot scan them all.)

- Letter in English in which I try to shortly explain what happened on the level of the Internationale van Oorlogstegenstanders (section of the War Resisters' International)

- IOT = Internationale van Oorlogstegenstanders (section of the War Resisters’ International) : "How It Came To Be". 

- "Internationale van Oorlogstegenstanders : korte historiek en conclusie" = “Section in our region of the War Resisters’ International : Short History And Conclusion” (in Dutch, preceded by a foreword in French)


- « Note sur mon rôle dans nos mouvements pour la paix »

(Note about my role in our peace movements)

N.B. Some of these reports are written in French in order to pass them a) to French speaking Belgians who read neither Dutch nor English, b) secretariats of international movements still admitting French as a medium of communication.

- « Quand le fragrant mensonge devient naturel : Biesemans et compagnie »

(Exposure of the flagrant lies of Sam Biesemans about the foundation of the Burgerdienst voor de Jeugd = Civil Service for Youth)

Enkele data » (A few dates)

(A short historical review of peace movements in this country : the scanning of the typewritten document did not succeed in a satisfactory way)


- «Enkele data» : ingekort (A few dates : shortened)

- A Few Dates (an English version of Enkele Data)


- « De ‘gealigneerde’ vredesbeweging : enkele bedenkingen »

(Note about the influence of the “aligned” peace movement -aligned on the Eastern Bloc- on Western non-aligned peace movements)

- « Recht van antwoord » (= right to reply about the history of the Internationale van Oorlogstegenstanders = section of the War Resisters’ International)

(This document, from 2006, is one of the several rights to reply I vainly have sent to the paper of the Internationale van Oorlogstegenstanders, which the usurpers of the seventies had stolen from us like all the other means of our association.)

- « On the use by us of the letter head of the Internationale van Oorlogstegenstanders (IOT) »
(The document comprises an  English version)

- Vijftig jaar geleden : het statuut voor gewetensbezwaarden  + Il y a cinquante ans : le statut pour objecteurs de conscience en Belgique (Fifty years ago : legal status in Belgium for conscientiuous objectors)


- Kort verslag over mijn legerdiensweigering + begeleidend schrijven

  (Short report about my conscientious objection + introduction to it)



3) World Federalism
You find here a few documents edited by the Register van Wereldburgers (RW), local address of the (international)  Registry of World Citizens :

a) a presentation text of the RW

b) a few issues of the RW’s bulletin “Overleven door Wereldrecht” = “Survival by World Law”

- Issue of September 2022

- Issue of October 2021

- Introduction in Englsh to supra

Issue of May 2020

+ Summary in English

+ A few ideas about the coronavirus

Issue of April 2019

+  Summary in English

Issue of August 2018

-  Issue of August 2017 :

   a) pages 1 to 4

Short Contents in English

   b) pages 5 to 8

Short Contents in English 

issue of October 2016

Short Contents in English

issue of March 2016

+ Short Contents in English

issue of February 2015

+ Short Contents in English

- issue of June 2014

+ Short Contents in English

- issue of October 2013

+ Short Contents in English

- issue of March 2013

+ Short Contents in English

- issue of April 2012

+ short contents in English

- issue of April 2011

+ Short contents in English

- issue of July 2010

+ Short Contents in English

- issue of July 2009

+ Short Contents in English

- issue of November 2008

+ Short Contents in English

- issue of May 2007

- issue of June 2006

- issue of December 2005

It is to be noted that the archives of peace movements (including world federalist movements ) which remain in Hove contain tens of thousands of pages.  

4) Violations of fundamental rights by “radiation weapons”
You find here the following documents (all in English) 

- a list of words that can be searched on the internet + websites to be opened

- a Declaration of Concerned Citizens (in five languages)

It is still possible to sign it, preferably by sending back the strip mentioning your legal address and your signature, or else by e-mail (but only a signed document has legal value).

- a few personal ideas about the law asked for in the above mentioned Declaration (in Dutch and English)

- a leaflet of Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance

- declarations of Jim Guest, member of the American Congress, and Jonatan Wilson, lawyer of the association called Freedom From Covert Harassment And Surveillance

- an article written by Anna Keeler about Mind Control Technologies

- idem of Mojmir Babacek, coordinator International Movement for the Ban of the Manipulation of the Human Nervous System by Technical Means

- idem of Walter Bowart : the Secret Third World War

 - Evidence for the Lawsuit filed at the US courthouse in WashingtonD.C.(Civil Action 92-0449) , by John St-Clair Akwei


 - To whom it may concern (note about myself as a victim)


- To whom it may concern II (Why was I chosen?)

  - Uittreksels = Extracts from written reports of the sources of “Dr.Y” (those are one of the sources claiming that I was or that I am --avictim of live ruining experimentations at a di- Speading Information about the use of radiation weapons

   Furthermore, more or less half the contents of the mentioned bulletins are about this horrifying question

- Spreading Information about radiation weapons 

5) the Belgian question :
- « Quelques bribes sur le malaise belge » (About the Belgian sickness)

- « Dialectes et langues standardisées dans nos contrées »  (Dialects and standard languages in our regions)

- « Over het begrip “Vlaams” » + « Sur la notion de “flamand » (What does the notion of “Flemish” apply to?)

I could not scan all the documents I am referring to in that document.  However I typed the following text :

- « Ten geleide » = preface in Dutch (translated by me into French) of Frans Baudoin to the book« Kunst in Vlaanderen » = "L’art en Flandre” (Art in Flanders)

6) the Islamic question
Here you find a reaction of mine to a book written by Wim Van Rooy : « De malaise van de multiculturaliteit » = "The Crisis Of Multicultural Society")

7) Naflitsen + Naflitsen II (Flashes Afterwards + Flashes Afterwards II)
They consist of about 140 pieces written in something else than normal prose.  As their contents are utterly confidential, I prefer not to publish them on the website, but I can send them by email if asked for.

8) "Wie is dat? Wat doet die?" ("Who is this?  What is he doing?")
This is an extract from a document of 1993, somehow answering the above questions.

9) Langspeelplaten in mijn bezit : long playings en ma possession 
This is a list giving an idea of the music I have loved in my live.  

10) Pictures showing the undersigned
The pictures are from 2O12, 2009, 1988 and 1974. 


11) "Enkele personen van wie het leven of het werk me diep aanspraken" = “A few persons whose life and work deeply spoke to me” (with comments in Dutch and English)


12) Korte flits over mijn religie, mijn bestaansreden (Short Flash about my religion, my reason d'être : in Dutch and French)


13) Naar aanleiding van lectuur  (I read and commented passages in Schopenhauer about the reality and reality on itsef.)  I also read in Wim Gijsen about the soul and commented it)

13b) Begeleidend schrijven supra


14) God, ziel  (God, soul)


15)  idem, begeleidend scrijven - idem, short introduction


16) Kort woordje over drie wijsgeren (Short word about 3 philosophers:  Berkeley, Kant, Schopenhaue)


17) Informatie verspreiden - Spreading Information 





Jean Verstraeten
Vredestraat 65
2540 Hove (Belgium)